JRS has been sucessful in its LEADER application

Exciting news !! After a lot of  work and help from the OIC we had the final confirmation that we have been successful in obtaining the EU LEADER funding that will enable us to employ a Project Manager to help progress our plans. As well as this LEADER along with the...


Wind and Watertight Stage 1

Thanks to the hard work of Paddy Cassey Construction the first stage of the renovation of the Hall of Clestrain has been accomplished. The building was in desparate need for protection from the elements. Orkney gets some severe weather at times and we were advised by the surveyors to carry out...


John Rae birthday weekend 2018

The weekend of events to mark John Rae’s 205th birthday began with an open day at the Hall of Clestrain on Saturday 29th September, made especially momentous by the fact that we have now raised enough money to pay off the balance on the Hall! The day was windy and...


Donation from Adventure Canada

A couple of months ago we had an email from the Travel company Adventure Canada Tours to ask if we could arrange access for 200 of their holiday makers who were arriving in a few days on one of the cruise ships. All the Trustees pulled together and with a...


Pigeon Poo clearance

The otherday workmen from Paddy Casey, the bulders, suitably attired for the task, set about to clear the inches of pigeon poo that lay on the floors of the Hall. This deposit was not helping the state of the wooden floor which we want to preserve as much as possible. Before After   We...


John Rae