Pigeon Poo clearance

The otherday workmen from Paddy Casey, the bulders, suitably attired for the task, set about to clear the inches of pigeon poo that lay on the floors of the Hall. This deposit was not helping the state of the wooden floor which we want to preserve as much as possible. Before After   We...


Famous visitor to the Hall

The other day we were approched by Michael Palin ( he of Monty Python and travel documentaries ) as he is currently working on a project about the boats that Franklin used. One of our Trustees, Norman Shearer who is also a tour guide offered to take him around on...


3D Scanning of the Hall

In spring 2014, Associate Professor Doug Pritchard of Heriot-Watt University visited Orkney as a guest of the Society. His task was to digitally scan and record a number of sites associated with Dr John Rae. Here Doug describes the technology and the scanning of the Hall of Clestrain... Videos now available...


2017 Festival Report

John Rae Festival 5 to 8 May 2017 Last year, the John Rae Society took the first financial step towards the acquisition of Rae’s birthplace, the Hall of Clestrain. It plans to restore the Hall as a centre celebrating Rae’s life and the wider context of his work and discoveries...


We own the Hall of Clestrain!

Hall of Clestrain Purchase – Press Release After a long period of delicate negotiations the John Rae Society is very pleased to announce that it has acquired for purchase, having paid an agreed deposit the Hall of Clestrain from its current owners Ivan and Jean Craigie. The Hall of Clestrain ( an...


John Rae


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