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Talk by Tom Muir

Talk by Tom Muir

In the Wake of John Rae

A talk by Tom Muir at Stromness Town Hall

Monday 2nd April 2018, 7.30pm

TM image 6We are very pleased to announce that Tom Muir will be giving a talk, In the Wake of John Rae, at Stromness Town Hall on Monday 2nd April at 7.30pm. Tom is Exhibition & Engagement Officer at Orkney Museum, and a renowned storyteller and writer.

TM image 4Tom writes, “When the John Rae Society asked me to reprise the talk that I did for Stromness Museum in November 2017 about my trip through the North-West Passage I was glad to do so.

“It was a journey that gave me a greater appreciation of the incredible feats that Dr John Rae achieved; living off the land which at times looked barren and savagely hostile. Once you began to really look you found that life clings on amongst the rocks and scree-covered slopes, although it seems hardly sufficient to support the musk ox and caribou that Rae hunted. It was a great privilege to stand and gaze at the Franklin graves on Beechey Island, to see a mother polar bear and her cubs on the sea ice and visit abandoned Hudson’s Bay Company huts. TM image 3

“Joining me on this amazing voyage was the internationally-renowned artist, Dr Barbara Rae CBE, who pulled the necessary strings to get me a place on the cruise, in return for lecturing on Dr John Rae.

“This talk will be similar, but not the same, as the previous one, as I never stick to the same script. In fact, I only know of scripts as theoretical things. I never follow them, if I can help it. So, come along and follow the ups and downs of a modern day traveller as I follow in the wake of John Rae through the Arctic.”

TM image1Tom’s talk will be free to attend, but donations towards the Hall of Clestrain restoration project will be welcome, and John Rae Society raffle, lottery tickets and merchandise will be for sale.


Arctic Return

We have heard from our friends in Canada that there is an expedition to the arctic planned in 2019 in commemoration of John Rae's exploits. This is from the expedition website


John Rae to be given the Freedom of Orkney

The Presentation of this honour will be made by the Council in Stromness on Saturday 30th September 2017 all welcome. The News that the The Orkney Isles Council is awarding Dr.


Our Lottery Prizes for 2017

These are some of the great prizes that can be won in this year's John Rae Society Lottery. We will be drawing this on John Rae's birthday 30th September, so



Talk by Tom Muir

In the Wake of John Rae A talk by Tom Muir at Stromness Town Hall Monday 2nd April 2018, 7.30pm We are very pleased to announce that Tom Muir will be giving


Nature Festival - John Rae Trail

As part of the 2017 Orkney Nature Festival, the John Rae Society ran a Family John Rae Explorer Trail around Stromness on Friday 19th May, led by Rachel Boak, from


JRS Lottery draw

The John Rae Society lottery draw was drawn on Sunday 18th Dec at 8pm at the Pomona inn, Finstown. Our Thanks to everyone who bought tickets.                 Drawing the tickets were honorary


Support Us


Membership is open to any person, or corporate body, who has an interest in the life of John Rae and supports the aims and objectives of The John Rae Society

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As a Registered Charity we are always needing funding for many projects within a variety of time frames. We are grateful for anything you can afford and you can donate by PayPal, cheque or BACS.

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John Rae


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